​Dan The  Stump Man

CHEAPER Than You Thought, with PROFESSIONAL Results

Do you have a yard full of ugly, in-the-way stumps? With very little time and money you can have those stumps ground away for good—and you can even use the wood chips to mulch your garden. My name is Dan Rebman and I grind stumps in the Perry - Warner Robins - Macon area in central Georgia from my home in Marshallville. I can give estimates over the phone or in person, whether you have just one stump or a newly-cleared field.
│Call for an estimate over the phone or a free on-site quote│

For estimates, just provide me with the diameter of the stump at ground level and the stump height. Or if you have a number of stumps, we can work out an approximate average for the varying sizes and shapes. Prices start as low as $5.00 per stump( but that's a small stump).
I can quickly grind down to 3 inches below the surface of the grade, so that with a little soil you can sod or seed grass over the area. For an extra fee I can grind down to 6 - 8 inches below the surface to allow space for landscaping or planting.

My specialty is grinding stumps in tight corners or other hard-to-reach spaces with my powerful, remote-controlled Carlton grinder. As large as it is, this grinder can fit through a 36 inch gate, alleys, and walkways and safely remove stumps located near walls, sidewalks, driveways, or water pipes.
I can also dismantle blown-over trees with exposed roots. These root systems covered in clay or dirt usually prevent chain-saw removal and require a grinder for both exposed and submerged roots.
You can save some money by cleaning up the mulch and debris yourself or you can hire me to remove the logs, branches, roots, and mulch. Together we can design a service package to fit your landscaping needs and your budget .

Check out the Services page for pricing examples and the Contact page for my phone number and email address. Questions are welcome.  

Tree removal? You chop'em, I chip'em? No problem. I have a tree climber and crew available for complete tree removal and clean up. Climber is licensed and insured. Removing limbs and brush is no problem using a new chipper and not so-new dump truck.

Serving Central Georgia, including Marshallville, Fort Valley, Oglethorpe, Perry, Warner Robins, and Macon.